Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide

This year we’re “dumbing it down” and making the Holiday Gift Guide 2017 REAL easy to access.  Instead of multiple installments with unnecessary fluff and bias opinions, I am going to list everything I love and am gifting for this year! There’s not much (since I like quality over quantity) but just scroll down, find the heading that most applies, and click the links to be taken directly to said, fantastic item! Happy Shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Jane Hudson

If y’all follow me on Instagram, then you know how obsessed I am with Jane Hudson. I literally own three of her dresses and wear them on the reg! With that being said, and since it’s also winter, I’m currently crushing on her Austin Colorblock Sweatshirt.  I’m personally drawn toward the orange & blue one (Go Gators), however this sweatshirt comes in over 13 colors, so not only is there something for EVERY team out there, but there are also plenty of patterns that are perfect for everyday wear! This is a slam dunk gift for any girl on your Holiday Gift Guide!


Have a fitbit?  I do not. I have always wanted one but LOVE my jewelry, and vain as it might be, never wanted a big black band on my wrist. #SorryNotSorry This year Fitbit is definitely on my list with their stylish new accessory bangle. It comes in silver, gold, and rose gold, and literally looks like a pretty bangle you could add to any army party. Who says you can’t be fit and fabulous!? 😉

Tory Burch

If Tory Burch were a band, I’d be the biggest groupy alive. I love everything she does and I don’t even feel bad about admitting it.  Per usual, I have a purse, pair of sandals, and pair of boots (already on sale) on my list from her this year. And the greatest part of everything is that their Holiday Event started today.  Get 30% off your order of $250 with the code THANKS! Cue Maui…You’re Welcome!

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

J.T Spencer

Hello J.T. Spencer! I just came across this company a month or two ago and was immediately sold on their product. I even selected a special belt for someone, wink wink, Merry Christmas! All of their belts are made to order in the USA, offer a variety of styles and can be monogrammed.  ALSO, unlike other belt companies, they will entertain the possibility of creating you a “one of a kind” special belt if necessary. How cool would that be!? Can we say wedding gift!? There is literally something for everyone on your Holiday Gift Guide at J.T. Spencer!

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon’s mission is simple: to make sure all men’s basics (and beyond) are smartly designed and shopping for them is easy and convenient.  No joke, I found these guys via Instagram and think their products are phenomenal.  Their products are designed with purpose, utility and innovation. Each product serves a purpose, “makes you feel good” and is beyond comfortable! My personal favorite gift for men from Mack Weldon would be their sweatpants; your hubby will thank me!


Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Gerber Childrenswear for Target

Gerber Childrenswear just recently launched a collection at Target that I think is adorable.  I actually got some of their sleep n’ play one pieces (shown below) for a friend’s baby shower, but this could also be a great Christmas gift for any new baby in the family.  The new styles come in a few different color palettes and have precious designs, including animals, bows, etc… Obviously Gerber is a brand we know & love, so I was excited that they launched a super affordable, trendy and comfortable line of baby gear at Target.


Jill Yoga

“Have a young yogi on your list this holiday? Give the gift of comfort and style with the designs from Jill Yoga! Whether they are saying om, or just want to get up and moving this season, keep it fit and focused with stylish, affordable pieces. With a wide range of stylish jackets, tops and shorts for infants through teens, this bold brand is made from the highest quality of activewear textiles that conform and stretch with each movement.”

Be Active, Be Bold, Be You! That’s the mission behind the Jill Yoga brand. The company promotes confidence and a healthy active lifestyle for young girls through its fashionable, yet affordable clothing line.

I don’t know why…but I’m obsessed with little kids activewear.  Like seriously, what is cuter than a tiny human wearing yoga pants, active tops and sweatshirts!? This Christmas especially, my nieces are getting these cute pieces…and I love being able to support companies who have a positive message and support mental & physical health in our children.

J.Crew for boys…period!

Honestly, we’ve gotten to a place with Wake where all he wants are Legos and Nerf Guns. It’s made for an amazingly easy shopping experience, however I miss the “cutesy” stuff.  That’s when I decide to browse J.Crew.

I’m not sure what it is…but I can’t get enough of the J.Crew boys section. They have so many great things for the Holidays this year. Their collaboration with both Star Wars and New Balance are always a guaranteed win, and I love that they’ve started doing slippers. Just click the links I’ve provided and have a look for yourself!

Stocking Stuffers

Dead Soxy

Dead Soxy is the new Dallas-based sock company that produces snazzy, high-quality socks that are 100% Made-in-America. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any man or woman in your life; co-worker, father, boyfriend, sister, etc…, who doesn’t love an awesome pair of socks!?

Why are these socks so amazing?  “The Feel: Uber-soft, high-end yarn enables a cool and dry environment for your feet and means no shrinking. The Look: Superior dyes keep socks from fading and the distinct patterns give your outfit an extra dose of style. The Design: Engineered in a U.S. knitting mill to create a unique technical design that no other sock on the market has. The Magic: These technical specifications keep our socks, whether crew or no show, from slipping or falling; so you get a comfortable wear & put-together look ALL day. The Deal: They are THE ONLY company ever to offer a money back guarantee if they slip off your foot.” 


Bourbon & Boweties Earrings

You know, I like to think I do a good job of staying “in the know”, however, thank goodness for like minded friends to help me when I falter. Did you know that Bourbon & Boweties now makes earrings and rings!? Crazy! I thought they were just bracelets, so I was pleased as punch to discover recently from a friend that they make these new accessories…adorable, affordable earrings and rings! Y’all…if you have a girl in the family, throw one of these in her stocking and you will win big!



Nancy Tillman

My most favorite children’s book author has a new book out, and in my opinion, if you have a kid you should buy everything she writes. Every year I purchase her new book for the kids because they are so beautifully written and full of love and lessons. This year her new one is “You’re All Kinds of Wonderful” and it looks sure to bring happy tears to your eyes.


Whoppee Cushion

This is what stocking stuffers have come to in our house with a boy. As silly as it may be, there is nothing more joyful than hearing your almost 5 year old die laughing at a fart; call me immature but his laugh lights my life. He’s currently obsessed with “Captain Underpants” and therefore a Whoppee Cushion seemed the best option from Santa.  Talk about a cheap thrill!!!


Thanks for playing along with my Holiday Gift Guide 2017, and I hope your Holiday season is full of love, peace and happiness!!



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