21 Day Skin Detox; Day 7

Hello Lovies…I realized last night that I got so excited about the first MODA Monday, that I completely forgot to post an update about my 21 day skin detox.  WHOOPS!! Okay, so here is a side by side comparison of my “mugshots” from Day 0 and Day 7, and remember, here are the rules
DISLIKES so far:
  • Hot water w/ lemon: Although I know it has amazing health benefits it’s been a pain in the butt to 1) remember to make it and 2) not bypass it for my MUCH NEEDED coffee.
  • Forcing myself to wash my face and go through my routine at night has been a struggle…it’s so much easier to just jump in bed.
  • Finding the best time to use my Macro – Exfoliator.
  • I haven’t seen much of change in my minor forehead creases/hormonal pigmentation. (Although it should be noted that the regimen I am currently using REDEFINE is not used for brown spots or discoloring.  The REVERSE regimen would be ideal for that.)
LIKES so far:
  • If I forget to drink my hot water w/ lemon in the morning I can still drink it anytime during the day and still get most of the benefits.
  • I can tell a huge difference in my skin in the morning since I have been consistently washing it at night; it’s definitely more moisturized and vibrant.
  • I can already tell that using the Macro – Exfoliator once a week makes a huge difference.  The laugh lines next to my eyes, the scar (from chickenpox as a kid) and “sticky cells”on my chin ALL seem much smoother. 
  • My skin definitely seems more even in tone, and I feel more confidant about going “out” without any make-up on. 
  • Thanks to my addiction to margaritas and Mexican food, I learned that the eye cream helps with sodium induced puffiness the morning after! WIN!

~ Happy Healthiness Lovies ~
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