Five on Friday; Hip Hop Hooray

TGIF Lovies!

Hallelujah, Amen! We made it! It felt like Friday on Tuesday to me this week…anyone else!? Phew! So, Hip Hop Hooray – Easter’s on the Way!! Today’s Five on Friday is all about my Easter house decor.  Since working with Dollar Tree last Halloween, I have been addicted to getting all my decorations for every Holiday from them, and the awesome trinkets & fun items for Easter did not disappoint!!
First we have my kitchen table centerpiece.  Other than the wicker basket, everything used to make this came from Dollar Tree;  Terra cotta pot, fillable eggs, burlap ribbon, Easter egg picks, Styrofoam insert and grass.

 Cost = ~ $8 to buy/make
Next we have the range in my Kitchen decorated with my Easter Sign and hand towels. I got the sign last year at Michael’s & the hand towels two years ago at Williams – Sonoma, so I didn’t need to purchase new/replace any of them this time around!

Here we have another awesome little #DIY craft from Dollar Tree that costs…TWO DOLLARS (I already had the hot glue gun). How easy is this!? I glued the ribbon to the egg and Voila…now I have the cutest little egg decoration in the alcove of the hallway. 

And lastly, we have all the eggs-tra special stuff…Easter Bunny goodies!  We have family coming in town for Easter so I thought this white plastic container would be good to schlep toys & candy in over the weekend; might even serve as the hubby’s basket – haha.  The rest of what you see is for Wake on Easter morning and would cost….drumroll…$12!!!!  I just love that there is cute (and appropriate) toys for him instead of a ton of candy.  AND it won’t break the bank!!! 

So that’s a little bit of Easter in my house thanks to Dollar Tree…again! Hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you soon!

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