Good “Sunnie” Morning

Happy Monday Lovies! *WARNING* This post contains photos of me without a stitch of make-up on. In true Beyonce form…I woke up like this! Literally. We had a great weekend full of laziness (W slept til 7:15 yesterday morning which is HUGE for him) and football.  Today’s “moda” post is all about my new favorite shirt & bra from Aerie. They were nice enough to send me samples of their new Sunnie Pushup Bra and V neck Best Tee.  First, I have always been a fan of Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein bras, however this Sunnie bra is amazing.  It has full/comfortable coverage, soft fabric, great colors & looks perfect under any t-shirt. I’m hooked.  I loved everything about this bra, which is weird since I don’t usually like wearing bras at all.  In all honesty I have a large rib cage and very small boobs, so I can never find anything that fits well; my ribs are either cracking from how tight the bra is, or my nips don’t make contact with the inside of the cup because it’s too big. This bra really solved both problems. 
And let’s talk about this shirt! The shirt is perfectly named; best. tee.  It’s so soft that I’ve been wearing it to bed every night (hence us doing an impromptu morning shoot with my favorite snuggle partner), but I need to get one in every color because they are perfect for every day wear too.  AND, the best part is that both the bra and the tee are are buy one, get one 50% off right now. Holla!!
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