Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Men

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Happy BLACK Friday! I could have spent hours on here listing all the crazy sales going on…but you don’t need that. Just go to any mall and you’ll be golden.  Therefore today I’ve got this year’s Holiday Gift Guide for men.  As I said last week, most of things listed here have already been bought for the men in my family and I love them all! Check it all out below…
Men's Holiday Gift Guide 2015

1) This company is the coolest! Now obviously if you or your “men” don’t wear skinny ties then I would lean towards the bowtie section.  However, the selection of skinny ties on this website is amazing.  There are pages and pages of designs and colors to fit every style.  Not only did the hubby get some (shhhh), but so did two other men on the gift list.
2) I love Things Remembered. Not only do they have a vast selection of really nice gifts, but I love how everything can be personalized.  As their title says, these things will be remembered forever and this particular watch valet will find it’s way to one lucky family member this holiday season. 
3) For the hunter in the family…save our 2nd Amedment. 
4) Ducky boots…duh!
5) The hubby got this lvest ast year, but loves it and wears it all the time.  It’s the perfect vest for the winter in Florida, or to help you layer in other colder climates. Plus it’s sort of “retro” which makes it totally fun to wear.
6) They claim this is the warmest hat in existence. We watch a lot of outdoor shows around here and I do have to say that I see this hat worn often…so it’s gotta be pretty close. We’ll know for sure what the men in the family think when Santa arrives.
7This may not necessarily be the cologne that the men in your family like/wear, but it’s an awesome scent and a gentleman’s staple in my opinion.  All men need a good cologne and this is a great place to start if you’re in the market. 
8For any man that has a beard…this is the jam!
9I really like this tool because it’s not only really sleek looking, but it has all the gadgets necessary to get you through the day.  Plus, it’s very affordable which is always great for the bank account. 

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