The Shoe of the Season

Happy Thrifty Thursday Lovies!

Are you ready for an amazing “savvy shopper alert”!?  About time right!?  Everywhere I’ve looked lately, platform sandals are there! How many of you are wishing your mothers who lived in the 70s would have kept all their shoes!?!?  I know I am! Plaform sandals are apparently the shoe of the season and you can find them at every store for every price…including Target. That’s right! These awesome sandals are from Target for under $35! Most of the other styles are at least $100 or more…so thank you Mossimo for keeping my cheap ass in style! Happy shopping!!

Platform Sandals

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  • 2 thoughts on “The Shoe of the Season

    1. Traci Taylor Hart

      Honestly, I think the Target ones are in my top 2 on this list! I love shoes with a wooden platform because they can really take a beating and still look good.


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