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“Summer Lovin’ had me a blast”…and yes, it literally feels like I’m living in explosive heat! The weather in Florida is so brutal right now, I swear I could fry an egg in my underwear.  TMI?  Anyways, wearing lightweight/light color clothes is the key to survival.  If I have to wear pants, they are usually linen (like the ones from this shoot that I live in and love) and this top is the stinking cutest and most comfiest thing I’ve gotten in a long time.

SheIn is a new company to me. I had never heard of them up until about a month ago, but their stuff is shockingly cheap yet not cheaply made. AND…the amount of cute clothes on the site is overwhelming.  That one dress I linked to on Monday is form there, and this amazing little ruffle top is from there as well.  I like this top because it fits my body and life right now. I need things that are 1) easy to throw on, 2) go with a lot of things already in my closet, 3) don’t show off too much skin, and 4) aren’t too tight (got let that FUPA breath). Plus, you can dress it up or down.  In this instance I dressed the top up a bit with my new necklace from Vanity Enfused (an online boutique run by a woman here in Jacksonville who you should all support….#ShopSmall) but I’ve also worn it with my cutoff jorts and wedges for casual errands too. You know me y’all…if it’s easy like a Sunday morning…then it’s for me!

Earrings // Top // Necklace // Cuff // Watch // Pants // Sandals

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    1. Confessions of a Northern Belle

      LOVE that outfit! I could totally fry an egg on my pregnant stomach whenever I walk out into the Georgia heat. I don't know how you're surviving in Georgia! Stopping over from the link up – hope you can pop by my blog as well! Have a great weekend.


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