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I’ve been thinking. Sometimes I get away from the purpose of my blog and why I started it in the first place.  Although I never write, wear, or promote anything that I don’t believe in/truly like…I don’t just want to be a walking advertisement. Sometimes there are specific things I have to say per the company I’m working with, and I’ll totally do it if they’re giving me something free because I’m not stupid!  But I like keeping it real.  I’m a better writer when I’m honest and you’ll probably appreciate/buy more of the stuff I wear knowing how they really work. Soo…

If you read yesterday’s post you know that Sunday was spent celebrating my Father-in-law with a surprise 60th Birthday party. We had the best time with our family AND I got to wear my new Oka-B princess pink flats, which were perfect for this river side party.  These flats were the best addition to this dress because I LOVE a good pop of color.  Honest review on these shoes!?!? Well, I love them because of their color and as long as you aren’t sweating like a whore in church, then they’re super comfy.  Oka-B is inspired by wanderlust and coastal charm. Living both on the St. Johns River and near the Atlantic Ocean always inspires me to wear a pop of color.  Solid black is slimming and sexy, but I always feel a little too much like Johnny Cash or Johnny Castle. Therefore, whether it’s my jewelry, a purse, or in this case my shoes, I like adding something bright, cheery and classically coastal…like my personality.  Just kidding; I’m a sarcastic biotch. What color would that be?

The dress. I love the dress I wore because it covers my still lingering post-pregers bulge.  This dangly piece of skin is getting annoying and is something I’m quite conscious of.  Therefore in order to feel good about myself I wore this dress because you can’t tell what’s underneath.  On that other hand, I wasn’t too fond of how low the sides were because you could kind of see my bra and there was no hiding my Oprah arms. (And for those of you who want to leave me positive comments about how I look amazing in these photos…please do…but also know that photoshop and I are besties.) I clearly need to get back in the gym with all the jiggling going on but I’m lazy. And like raising children…you have to pick & chose your battles.

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