Scenes from our Weekend | 4th of July

Hello Lovies! Happy Belated 4th of July! Did you all have a nice weekend!?  From what I could tell on social media it looked like the majority of the US had beautiful weather.  YAY!! We had a fabulous jam-packed weekend.  Seeing as most of you probably don’t read what I write that much anyways, I thought I would just post all the pics for you to peruse instead.  Breakdown: Saturday we were at the pool all day with the cousins (with fun red, whit & blue treats), Sunday was my Father-in-laws Surprise 60th Birthday party (with a family BBQ back at the pool afterwards), and Monday was spent on the boat and at the club swimming.

P.S. Wanna know what I wore to the surprise party? Come back tomorrow to see…I’m musing over both my dress and shoes!

Pap’s Party:

Despite their faces…they like eachother and have been married for 36 years.

Monday Funday:

Pooped puppy on the boat ride home


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