It’s Good to be a Girl

“Girls, we run this motha.” -Beyonce

The best part about being in Charleston for The Blog Societies Conference is definitely spending time with all the amazing blogger friends I’ve made.  We had the best time and between the copious amounts of shoes, purses & make-up scattered around the room like teenagers, there was also a ton of laughter.  The funniest part was when our neighbors knocked on the door at 11:30pm saying, “Hey, we’re having a girls weekend too (yeah, sure) but y’all are a little loud so do you think you could keep it down?”  HAHAHAH…here we are, 30-40 years old with 11 children between the four of us being shhhh’d.  It was awesome!
Vera PJs 1
And this photo shoot with Vera Bradley made us realize even more why it’s great to be a girl and have girlfriends. No matter what stage you are at in your life, you can always find some release and levity by laughing, chatting over coffee, and/or having slumber parties with your friends. Now I might be bias, but the best way to do any of that is in the comfiest (all promoting/kidding aside) pajamas I’ve ever put on.  I have this one pair of nursing pjs that I got 3 years ago that I literally wash, wear, wash, wear, wash, etc…  They were my favorite until I got ahold of these Vera Bradley Mint pajamas. The fabric is incredibly soft (like pima cotton) and just wonderfully dreamy to sleep in. Sleeping is my favorite thing because I do it the least, but crawling into bed at night wearing these makes snuggling with my pillow even better.  AND…the shorts don’t ride, so you can hang out around the house wedgie free! Being a girl is awesome…now go get you some fun pjs to match that awesomeness!

Vera Pjs 2 Vera Pjs 3
Vera Pjs 4 Vera Pjs 5 Vera Pjs 6

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