What to Wear for Fall in the South

I love living in the South.  In fact, I love everything about the South EXCEPT the complete absence of four seasons. Here in Florida we have two seasons; Winter and Summer.  There is no beautifully blooming Spring where the dew kissed flowers slowly begin to show their face.  There’s no gentle, welcoming breeze in the Fall that blows down the crisp and colorful leaves.  Here in Florida, one day your shivering and wearing sweaters, and the next day it’s “swamp ass” central.  This past weekend we woke up to 65 degrees and were so excited; you would have thought we were seeing snow! However, by noon, per usual, it was back to 90 degrees. So what kind of Fall clothing do you wear?

Fall in the South

By the time October comes around I am soooo ready for fluffy tunics and riding boots.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the appropriate attire.  Therefore in order to feel “fallish” while still dressing for the temps I look for breezy fabrics that are predominantly cool in color.  For example, I am obsessed with/musing over this cross back wide-leg jumpsuit.  I bought it for my trip to Charleston for #TBScon, but find that it is also perfect for Fall in Florida.  You can dress it up with fancy heels and jewels, or dress it down with wedges and a jean jacket.  With a nice cardigan I would also consider this work appropriate.  Although you basically have to get completely naked to pee so that doesn’t exactly work for a teacher who has 5 seconds between class to perform. Anywho…what do you all find works best for Fall clothes in the South or warm weather?

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Shades // Jumpsuit // Watch // Platform Sandals // Tote // Monogram Bangle // Charms

Lastly…can we talk about this bag!? Remember the last time I carried it I mentioned how it would be on repeat all Fall/Winter and how perfect it was.  Well take another look! I’ve still got it over my shoulder and am still loving EVERYTHING about it.  Follow the links above to shop the tote as well as every thing else I’m wearing in this post.

Have a great week Lovies!

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  • 5 thoughts on “What to Wear for Fall in the South

    1. Erica Valentin

      That Jumpsuit is lovely! I love the bell bottoms! I just posted a jumpsuit yesterday…….because fall this year in Atlanta is brutal ….more like summer doesnt want to leave!

    2. Kellyann

      Yup, Fall here in Florida is non-existent! Ugh! I get so caught up in seeing everyone’s cute Fall clothes on blogs and social media and I have to keep reminding myself to be patient. Love the jumpsuit!

    3. Chelsea

      Love this outfit. It is so hard sometimes to wear cute fall items because it get so hot in the south even in December


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