Scenes from our Weekend & Holiday Gift Guide (for kids)

Happy Monday Lovies!

How are you!? If you’re like me you are in FULL Holiday mode. From finalizing the shopping list to Christmas parties to school concerts I don’t think we have a break from here through the end of the month.  Although I am already exhausted…I love the magic of the season especially through the eyes of a child.

Scenes from our weekend

Joe and I were able to have a “free” date night on Saturday.  We attended a wedding, locally, and our mother in law so graciously helped babysit.  It was my first Russian wedding (complete with cognac shots and a Babushka I wanted to snuggle) and we had a beautiful time.  The best part of the night was making it home before Wake’s bedtime (it was an early afternoon wedding) and snuggling on the couch as a fam to watch The Polar Express; the magic is real!

We finished the weekend off at Brunch with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Wake was skeptical (but no tears) and Lottie was confused and very judgmental (see photos below).  All in all we got a decent pic and there weren’t any MAJOR meltdowns so I think we’ll call it a success.


Peeking in on Santa and Mrs. Claus…


This photo needs no caption…pure judgement!

brunch-with-santa-2 brunch-with-santa-3 brunch-with-santa-5 brunch-with-santa-6 brunch-with-santa-7

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Lastly, I have my second Holiday Gift Guide and this time it’s dedicated to the kids. (click on item to purchase)

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

First, The Pebbles Doll and Paper Trax are great stocking stuffers (shhhh, don’t tell Wake & Lottie).  “Paper Trax is a completely recyclable, all paper based race track created to race cars on Trax attached to your walls. Each Trax is designed by a local artist with your kid’s imagination taken to heart, and truly meets Einstein’s famous quote, “Play is the highest form of research.”  We don’t have a lot of floor room in our house (2 kids = shrinking walls) so these Paper Trax are perfect for Wake to still be able to play with his cars an trains.

The Big Stuff

Next, the name stool is one of my favorite gifts of all time.  My friend got one for Wake when he was born and we use it multiple times a day.  It’s so worn out that we asked Santa for a new one for both Wake and Lottie. I also love the Radio Flyer 4 in 1 trike. Lottie needs to be able to keep up with her bro around the neighborhood, so I think this will be a great addition to the garage – ha! My other two favorite things are the outfit from Tinybitz and the rain jacket from Bumkins.

TinyBitz is a “baby-gifting brand with the focus on bringing ‘thoughtful gifts for growing kids’. The signature ‘Growing Kit’ brings a refreshing gifting concept as each set includes 3 different-sized onesies to change with the season as the babies grow! ”  I love this concept because there are so many times I go to buy a gift for a new baby and have to guess at the size.  With Tinybitz you can send one whole set. Bumkins is known for making awesome bids that repel food…so why not make a jacket that repels rain!? Their colors are awesome too; the perfect addition to any toddlers closet!

Isnt’ Holiday shopping fun!? Happy Monday Friends!!

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