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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the time of year when I actually write again! Ha! Kidding aside, we are coming into the most beautiful and wonderful time of year when Holiday Magic is made.  While I type this, I’m sitting in my freezing house making copious amounts of typing errors because my fingers are like icicles. And, I love it! I love the cold this time of year; it’s not the Holidays without some chill.

Nothing gets me in the Holiday mood more than preparing and ordering my Christmas cards.  This year, as opposed to years past, we decided to hire an acquaintance of mine who is a professional photographer.  Lyndsey at Lyndsey Anne Photography is a magician. I learned about her through another local, and much more famous blogger. Although I could never afford her for my monthly P&P photo shoots, she was worth every penny for our family shoot.

My dress / Lottie’s dress is Ralph Lauren (similar here) / Photographer / Lipsense (my sorority sister Ali sells lipsense and she hooked me up with some color/gloss that were perfect. Lasted not only the entire 2 hour shoot…but the whole day! Check her out here)


These are just a smattering of photos we received from Lyndsey, and almost all 99 are my favorite! It was very hard narrowing down which ones to use for our Christmas card, but thanks to Shutterfly and Tiny Prints, the process was made easy.

Make Holiday Magic

Holiday greetings are made easy with Shutterfly and/or Tiny Prints. Once I selected the photos I wanted to use (which was the hardest part) I simply went to this link here, and came to the Holiday Magic home page.

Shutterly and Tiny Prints Holiday Cards


After setting all the filters on the left hand side of the page to my liking (# of photos, format, card size, paper type, trim options, theme, price, etc…), I was able to narrow down my options to a select and beautiful few.



Once you “like” a card and select the heart, it will show up in your favorites file forever. This was a great option because it allowed me to peruse multiple options without the pressure of remembering which ones I had liked previously. They are all stored together.


From there I created a couple different options so that I could compare and contrast the different cards and how my photos would look in them. After narrowing it down to “the one” I was able to get creative in editing by using the options available on the left hand side again.



As you can see, I could change the type of card to print on, the trim, the design color AND there are even more options for change on the back of the card. (*Disclaimer…the card above is not that card I selected. I didn’t want to completely ruin the surprise for all our friends & family who will be receiving our card, so you will have to wait til they ship to see the final product. Sorry).

When It All Comes Together

I went ahead and placed my real order this past Monday night, and received an email this morning letting me know that my cards are already on their way.  The turn around time is phenomenal AND I have a 40% off code that I am giving to one lucky reader.  Comment on this post below and I will select/email one of you the code sometime next week! YOU’RE WELCOME (wink wink) and good luck making your Holiday Magic!





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    1. Traci

      Gorgeous pictures! I need to check out your photographer and need to know lip sense color. I promised a friend I would buy it from her, but I’m clueless what color to choose!


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